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Power Supply

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Lipo Battery, 7.4V, 1000mAh, Korea
Price: RM150.00


Lipo Battery, 11.1V, 1050mAh, Korea
Price: RM180.00


Lipo Battery, 7.4V, 2100mAh, Korea
Price: RM230.00


Sealed Rechargeable Battery, 12V, 7A
Price: RM50.00

Weight: 1822g, 4.3cm*9.5cm*5.2cm

Sealed Rechargeable Battery, 12V, 1.2A
Price: RM40.00

Weight: 614g, 6.5cm*9.5cm*15.0cm

Lipo Battery Charger, Auto Cutoff, Korea
Price: RM550.00

For 3.7V-18.5V, 500mA-3500mA  Lipo

9V Battery
Price: RM2.50


4xAA Battery
Price: RM3.00

Power Supply, 12V, 4.5A
 Price: RM110.00

In: 240Vac, Out: 12VDC, 4.5A

Power Supply, 5V, 3A
Price: RM90.00

In: 240Vac, Out: 5VDC, 3A

Power Supply, 12V, 3A
Price: RM90.00

In: 240Vac, Out: 12VDC, 3A

Power Supply, 24V, 2.1A
Price: RM90.00

In: 240Vac, Out: 24VDC, 2.1A

Transformer, 9V-0-9V, 500mA/5VA
Price: RM15.00
Transformer, 9V-0-9V, 300mA/2.7VA
Price: RM12.00

Transformer, 12V-0-12V, 1A/12VA
Price: RM21.00

Solar Panel, 5W

Price: RM350.00


Transformer, 24V-0-24V, 1A/25VA
Price: RM30.00

Solar Panel, 1W

Price: RM90.00


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